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Thread: Can I fly IFR in VMC if my instrument rating is not current?

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    Another way of flying somewhat IFR, not being current or even close, is the following: you file VFR and use the phrase "I accept vectoring". At least that works well in Europe where IFR is incredibly complicated to get (you need to be able to explain in detail the systems of an Airbus 320 as an example although you fly an RV-12 or something). EU ATC likes it when they can give you some vectoring and altitudes due to the dense traffic and their virtually non-control over VFR traffic. That includes flight following, obviously, a great safety item.

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    US ATC isn't supposed to vector VFR traffic outside of certain terminal airspace. In fact, except in terminal areas, vectors are uncommon even IFR. They won't typically give you vectors even if you state you are willing to accept them. If you want vectors to an instrument approach intercept or the like, ask explicitly for what you want. They'll give you the instructions with a healthy "Remain VFR" caveat.

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