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Thread: What would you choose?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayhemxpc View Post
    Coming back to this, a friend of mine wrote to say that he solo'd a Breezy yesterday, the three instruments on board and how you really didn't need to look at any of them.
    Pretty much the case in my Fly Baby. Other than the oil pressure and temp, about the only gauge I pay attention to is the altimeter. And that's solely to stay legal (I fly under the SeaTac Class B). The ears work for RPM and airspeed, but it bites me at every Flight Review. Then, I have to fly a 172 or Warrior, and have to get re-accustomed to using the airspeed gauge.

    Ron Wanttaja

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    Slip indicator.

    Watch the ball, watch the ball, watch the ball.

    Then again, I only fly VFR and lack a vertical stabilizer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rwanttaja View Post
    I think since this is in "IMC Club," I think she's looking for people picking from the six-pack.

    It's one of the drawbacks of surfing by "New Posts" instead of by sub-forums....I didn't realize this was in the IMC forum until after my first couple of posts. If I was in IMC, I might not just want the oil pressure gauge to be my last remaining instrument....

    As for "why post the question"; I suspect since the IMC Club was recently assimilated into EAA, they want to ensure some life is shown in the group. On the downside, they get people like me and Marty participating.....

    Ron Wanttaja
    Hello All!

    I am helping Radek with posting these questions for IMC Club - I'll be sure to direct him here to help answer questions/clarification!

    Thanks for the feedback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Giger View Post
    Slip indicator.

    Watch the ball, watch the ball, watch the ball.

    Reminds me of instructing at the CAP National Flight Academy at OSH one year. I would lay down in my bunk at night and had to put one foot on the floor to counteract the feeling of slipping sideways. The students came up with a joke: "Why to airplanes have rudder pedals?" Answer: To give the flight instructor something to say.

    After a short time, you should -- in VMC -- FEEL when an airplane is uncoordinated. Or, like our glider pilot friends, you can tape a piece of yarn to the windscreen.

    (I still think the best answer so far has been the Garmin 3X!)
    Chris Mayer

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    I have a tee-shirt that says "it takes 2 things to fly - Airspeed and money" Since by now the money (or at least some of it) has already been spent, I would have to say airspeed indicator. On reconsidering, however, if I were in IMC, it would have to be the artificial horizon. I did experience a vacuum failure in IMC once and the electric backup artificial horizon became my primary instrument and almost made it a non-issue. It gives you more information than any other SINGLE instrument to maintain coordinated flight.

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