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    Quote Originally Posted by Eckertwa View Post
    Hello Cub Builder,

    I really liked your KR website but what I am most interested in was your elevator trim tab. I am planning to put a trim tab similar to that on my Jabiru.

    I was planning to put the servo entirely in my elevator but your example of making it exposed and flush mount is intriguing. Is that working well? I may still mount it inside my elevator but I haven't figured out the mounting yet. I was thinking of making it accessible by removing the trim tab to expose a pocket but I haven't figured out how to mount it. I want to avoid any exterior screws or hardware if possible.

    What material do you recomend for the trim horn? From the looks of the photo, it looks like you used metal. I assume I will try to layup the horn but I am not sure how I will do it yet. Any suggestions?


    I mounted the servo in the elevator on both of my planes. If you look at the last page of the SuperCub project, you'll see virtually the same mod done to both planes. Just that the Supercub was done with 4130 steel and fabric rather than wood and glass. The SuperCub needed the trim control installed on both sticks, so includes the Ray Allen relay deck in the installation and a couple of stick handles with the chinaman hat trim button along with a PTT button. The Ray Allen Servo actuated trim tabs work well in both planes.

    I used a strip of 4130 steel with a radius bend at the bottom and a couple of holes drilled in the bottom, then bedded in glass fibers and resin for the trim horn. I did the same with the SuperCub except that the 4130 trim horn is welded in.

    -Cub Builder
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    I am about to start building my Pulsar kit that I acquired from a gentleman who has completed less than 10% of the build. Aero Designs kit # 277 I believe. WOuld you be willing to allow me to cross reference you from time to time?

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    Sure. Contact me at

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    Yes sir will do and thank you very much.

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