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Thread: Name this plane! First time ultralight enthusiast

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    It sounded like a good deal initially. It all depends on how much it will cost for me to get a wing and get the BRS recert. And I figured with all the little extras it had the value was there. And I'm not 100% but I do believe I spy a transponder behind the seat or at least something that resembles such.
    Unless you are flying into and out of controlled airspace like class C and such. I would ditch the transponder if you are trying to save cash. First it will need to be certified before it can go into service. That is a few hundred bucks. I would also, but this is just me, throw the BRS in the trash. If you really need it, by a new one. They do not have the rockets in them anymore, they use something else and not rockets that could explode. If you do want that one redone it's a hassle just shipping it because of the rocket in it.

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    86 the BRS as you need enough altitude for it to work, and if you have that much you should be able to dead stick the thing.It looks like you got the beginning of a decent flying machine, but no matter what kind it is there is always something to fix,update maintain or improve,it's part of the flying thing. If you don't enjoy doing this yourself it's the wrong hobby unless you have some deep pockets. At first glance it looks like someone spent some extra attention to it with the spinner and the 3 blade prop,and I think you have a choice of wings, as to length in some ads I've seen. If you're lucky that engine may be a 503 or at least a 447, so your money is well spent. I know there are some challenger sites on the web that can find you plans or even replacement parts, so welcome to the group of people that trust themselves to go hang in the breeze.

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    Having gone to school for aircraft maintenance I have a fair appreciation of how little can go wrong with a routinely inspected and maintained aircraft. Of course this isn't no Cessna. The entire tail on this thing looks like one strong crosswind would leave you spiraling back to earth. Which is the only reason I like the BRS idea for the rare occasional of an airframe failure. Engine failure which I can see being a common issue with one of these engines doesn't worry me too much until I realize most of my properties are in the boonies and you get a choice of birch maple or fir or the occasional mountain top or stream. So for my conscious I will likely keep the BRS. Speaking of engine, I started work to get it running and oh boy... Fuel systems being my specialty, cleaned the carb, I started with that and installed all new poly(tygon) lines the old ones had literally vanished from deterioration. And the damn mud wasps wreaked havoc on this plane! Removing sand from the vacuum port without getting any in the engine is no easy feat. So my fuel system is complete. Then completed the pull start which seems to have a lot of resistance which I'm sure is from all the pulleys that send it into the cabin. Moment of truth, no spark.. Bummer so now I'm working on pulling the stator and all that fun stuff!

    Question for you guys! There is a medium sized metal box with a fuse and 2 connectors that hang out the top and it is wires into the stator connectors with roughly 20-22 guage wires. This box isn't connected to anything and I don't see any connectors that connect to it laying around anywhere. Anyone know what this thing is?
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