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Thread: Building an experimental outside the US, certifying?

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    Building an experimental outside the US, certifying?

    First off a big thanks and I think I've searched but haven't found the answer.

    I split my time between Colombia and the US. More of it is spent in Colombia.
    I've got the space / tools and I'd rather build down there.

    There's a few downsides that are incredibly clear:

    1) Shipping kit / parts / new tools
    2) Import taxes (really high)
    3) Registering the aircraft. This is the only real unknown I have.

    I'm worried the FAA might not certify the aircraft if I build it down there. I'm also worried about the Colombia side but I'm looking in to it.
    My assumption at this point is that it's not even worth it. I didn't list the pros to doing it in the US (Texas) but they're obvious.



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    I may have missed your intent, but is it to build the aircraft in Columbia and have it registered and certificated so you can fly it in the US?

    FWIW, I know some gyroplane owners who have built gyroplanes overseas, specifically Magni gyroplanes in Italy and a Titanium Explorer in Australia, and they have had no problem getting EAB airworthiness certificates for those aircraft, one of them from a DAR in Texas. In those cases,the aircraft was built overseas and freighted to the US where the completed aircraft were inspected for the a/w certificate.

    I don't think it matters where you build it as long as you satisfy the majority-built requirement and can provide adequate documentation to support the requirement. After getting the airworthiness certificate, the aircraft requires a minimum number of hours for its Phase 1 testing, typically 40 hours, and the operating limitations of the airworthiness certificate specify where those hours may be flown.


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    Does anyone know what are the obstacles that JAR 23 presents for american experimental aircraft? I've heard that some of our kits do not qualify in the JAR world. Thanks.

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