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Thread: Pilot Workshops IFR Mastery

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    Pilot Workshops IFR Mastery

    Does anybody belong to this? I recently received an email from these fellow Granite-Staters, waving their $199 initiation fee and letting me join for $19.99/month, and I can quit anytime, like right after I've read everything in their archives. What do they have that IFR magazine and so many websites don't, that makes it worth $240/year?

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    I do. It's a bit pricey IMO for what you get but I like it. Basically they have vide based scenarios that yo uuh get a chance to review and try and figure out a solution (sort of what would you do). You then get to hear a master CFII analyze the same scenario and provide their solution. Finally the scenario gets discussed by a panel of CFIIs. As a new instrument pilot I find all of this very informative. There's also a forum were discussions on the scenarios plus any IFR topic takes place. I don't subscribe to any IFR related pubs but do participate in the AOPA and POA IFR forums.

    They are offering a freebie right now:
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    I know Pilot Workshops very well. They are an excellent program if someone is looking for one-on-one in front of their computer screen. Being involved in IMC Club I know how much work it takes to produce a high quality presentation so I am not going to say anything about their price. Having a voluntarism soul myself I always wanted to do as much as possible for free... well... sometimes it is not possible. Personally I like to utilize as many reasonable resources as possible but nothing will replace the real life experience. I would love to see members to share their experiences here.

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    I do also. I discontinued last year when I got to thinking about $240/year, and what I could do with that money. About a month ago, I signed up again. I think if you don't have the opportunity to fly quite a bit of IFR, the scenarios help keep your head in the game. To me, that is the biggest part of IFR flying anyway. Then again, a person could use the $240 for an IPC every year (or even more frequently) which would probably be better.

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    I have been a member since 2010. I enjoy the scenarios as well as some of the other things that has to offer. The interaction is good as well as the discussions with some excellent CFI's giving good insight on how to handle certain scenarios.

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