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Thread: Need some help...trying to guesstimate cost of Tcraft wing cover

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    Jim, that looks interesting, many thanks on posting the link! Amazing stuff coming up...and not so toxic. Last bird I covered was a Pitts...we used the old formulation of Pliobond...amazing I am still alive!! I'd wander out of a ribstiching session feeling I was drunk. Good thing I do not have an "Addictive personality". I am awaiting some info now....wish they had approval in the US. Punch test on the T-Crate this week, if we don't get too cold. 11 degrees tonight, in NC.

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    I would not pay too much attention to the results of the punch test. And, incidentally, neither does the FAA. It's not any kind of "approved" test. Old cotton fails suddenly. I recovered a Great Lakes not long ago because the owner kept finding holes and rips in his shiny fabric and wondered why. It was 30 old cotton in places. Looked fine. You could push it with your thumb and it felt fine. But one small tear or hole and it had no more strength than paper.

    The only way to test is to cut off a piece (from an upper surface) 1" wide and a few inches long and test the tensile strength. I think 56lbs per inch is the minimum allowable (new fabric should be around 70). I really learned to be wary of old cotton fabric.

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