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Thread: Student Pilot

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    I learned to fly in 1963 in a Champion with a 65 hp. I bought an Aeronca Chief in the same year and after one circuit with the owner, flew it back to my home ap. I put a lot of time on the chief over the next 4 years. I never found anything on the chief that was negative to flying. The chief is a wonderful aircraft to fly. Very forgiving and dependable. It will always be in my heart as a first love. You cannot go wrong. I progressed to fly a lot of aircraft since then.
    Mostly, I think the most important fact is that you will be learning on a "tail dragger". You will get a lot of experience that cannot be recieved form tri-gear.
    You cannot go wrong on a Chief. You will never be sorry.
    I do wish you all the best.

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    FWIW from a newbie owner (& student pilot): A co-worker has a Chief, and I happened to go up with him not long after a 450nm trip with another fellow in a C-172. What a difference! That Chief felt like a sports car after the 172. Not as fast, for sure, but very responsive; it really wanted to go where you pointed it, and responded very quickly. Love at first flight. Bought a PA-22, however I still remember that Chief very fondly!

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    So trade in your Tri-Pacer for a Chief, Walt! Maybe you'll actually fly it!

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