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Thread: 3D printing to make parts.

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    3D printing to make parts.

    For those who have not seen this. Thanks to the EAA and the people who do these webinars we have some very good info. Check out all their webinars. I really enjoy them. The wife loves it for I usually do the dishes as I listen to them.

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    you do the dishes *and* you multitask? You must be a threat to your community if you break that many stereotypes in one day! :-)

    But you're right: 3D printing offers some tantalising perspectives for everyone involved in aircraft production or restoration!



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    I had a conversation with a senior Navy Engineer who just so happened to have two Titanium engine mount parts made by additive manufacturing (a more technical for 3D printing). They plan to fly these parts this Spring. More amazing to me was that these parts, off the printer, were stronger than heat treated Titanium.

    While I suspect it it will be a while before the Amateur Built community will have the need for Titanium (which is a real witch to work with), it shows how fast and far this technology is evolving. I bet we will see Aluminum and Steel 3D printing available to us inside of 10 years.


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