Not directed at the Forum, but this should be passed to whoever writes the EAA press releases.

Here's the lead for the online story about the restored Windecker Eagle first flight:

"December 16, 2015 - Thirty-one years after it was damaged and rendered un-airworthy, N4198G, a Windecker Eagle, has been repaired, restored, upgraded, returned to active status, and flown. In the hands of test pilot Len Fox, the Eagle was guided onto the active runway on December 6. Fox advanced the throttle on the first all-composite aircraft certified by the FAA (in 1969) and gracefully lifted off for a brief flight."

The classic content of news stories is "Who, What, When, Where". Do you notice that one is missing, in the snippet above (and, in fact, the entire article)?

Where's the Where? Where did this first flight occur?