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Thread: looking for detailed performance specs on edge 540

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    looking for detailed performance specs on edge 540

    hi all, i'm writing an aerobatic flight simulator for virtual reality and i need to get some detailed info about the Zivko Edge 540. i know the basics, climb rate is 3700ft/min at 80kts and roll rate is 420/sec but i need a lot more info than that.

    can anyone help perhaps? specifically, i'd like to know a number of things

    1) pitch up and down rate from level /sec at different speeds?
    2) vertical climb performance from say level flight at 230 kts, full power, what altitude gain and time before you top out?
    3) vertical dive, power idle, from say 80kts, how long would it take to decend say 1000 ft?
    4) turn rate, min time to make a 180 turn at maximum g?
    5) loop performance at maximum g, time and speed for a full 360 loop

    there are probably many other parameters that i haven't thought of but this list will get me started.

    i realize it going to be hard to get this info, but perhaps if some of you with real world aero experience in something close to and edge 540, like an extra 300, would like to take an educated guess, just so i know if i'm in the right ball park, that would be really helpful.

    thx steve
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