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Thread: New Quicksilver MX Prop

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    New Quicksilver MX Prop

    I need to replace the propeller on my early model MX. it is a wooden prop 52X32
    Does anyone have any recommendations on manufactures. I have seen information on Props Inc and Tennessee Props but there are no reviews. Any suggestions or info?


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    Я рад, что ваш пропеллер.
    Может на композита, может по дереву.
    Все зависит от вашего желания.
    Желательно также, чтобы узнать, какой двигатель выбран, передачу.
    Потому что я имел этот тип самолета, и с редуктор и ремень.
    Добро пожаловать:

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    Tennessee propeller.....
    All wood and plenty of push....
    I have used composite propellers of different manufacturing companies...and all seem very good and have ground adjustable feature...they just don't seem to have the same push as a good ol wooden propeller has...
    Down side to wooden propeller is that they are less forgiving and don't let a hat blow off your head on shattered my wooden propeller..

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    You might ask on Quicksilver Yahoo group. That's where all the Quick experts hang out.

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