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Thread: Let's stir the helicopter pot!

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    Let's stir the helicopter pot!

    Every year I invite everyone to stop by Pioneer Airport and get the best view in the house of AirVenture from one of the three beautiful Bell47's we give rides in. Price was $45.00 per person this past OSH. Not sure for next year.

    I also invite the noise complainers to stop by for a ride. A new perspective on a noisy irritant might just be the medicine to cure that throaty whine :-) Yes, we do make noise with those flingwings! We fly around 3000 pax give or take a few hundred every year so there are around 1500+ flight operations just from the three noisy helos. We have a very specific "box" we must remain in (and everyone else except the occasional Zepplin or Blimp SHOULD remain out of!) which restricts our flight paths. If you don't like helo noise I'd recommend you do not camp on the north end of Shuler(sp?) as we will be going over your site 1500 times or more during the week. I flew Huey's for four years in West Berlin and was known as "The King of Whop". I could make that main rotor system sing so you could hear me coming five miles out. Over there it was known as "The Sound Of FREEDOM". If I had a Huey at Osh I could rattle the windows in your RV :-) and carry eight pax at a time!

    Some folks noise is others music! I can't believe they let all those noisy airplanes fly all week. What do they think this is, an airshow?

    Rant Off :-)
    It's much more difficult than rocket science!
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    Definition of a helicopter - 10,000 moving parts surrounded by a hydrolic leak struggling to get away from each other.

    (Air Assault!)
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    My family loves the sound of the Bell 47s above our camp, it would not be Oshkosh without it!

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    my thought on helis. the most fun, the most money!!!!!!! Name:  IMG_1107.jpg
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Size:  88.2 KBsmiling young eagles and pilot!!!!!!! hartford ct 2009.
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    A friend and I took the helicopter ride during AirVenture 2009.

    Smoothest flight I have ever had, the Pilot put her down so smoothly in a 15kt crosswind I wasn't sure when the skids actually touched!

    $45. well spent imho...

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    I am hoping to make my first appearance to Oshkosh this year, and If I get to come, I will definitely try to do this. Looks like an awesome experience!

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    Adam Loper
    Here's my helo ride from AirVenture 2009:

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    My fiancee and I took the Bell 47 ride at Oshkosh 2010. While she enjoys flying, she never had a whole lot of interest in learning to fly. We took that ride and now she loves helicopters and wants to get her license. Great - she decided she likes the most expensive area of an already expensive hobby!

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    I sometimes think it is a bit noisy too. I guess I should o get a ride before I do any more complaining.
    plans building a Sonex!!

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    Adding Fuel

    Best view of the show you can get (sorry, video just can't give one that incredible panoramic view). Awesome pilots. Great value. Plus, you get to ride in a piece of history that brought a lot of our military personnel back to friendly turf. I'll do it again ... and again ... and again.

    PS. Great article on the "47" in this month's Sport Aviation!

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