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Thread: Building a Nieuport 11...

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    Weather was criminally good this morning (mid fifties temps, zero wind, etc.), so I went up to the airport. One of my EAA brothers arrived at the same time for the same reason, and he whipped out his phone to take some pictures and video of my flying.

    I did the typical low pass flyby stuff down the runway (he drove down to be right off of it) and really made an interesting landing. That's what I get for trying to impress for the cameras...but at least I didn't drag a wing on the pavement.

    But it was all fun!

    I finally got some photographs of my airplane in flight!

    Another fellow out there took some video as well, and is going to upload it for me in the next couple days, so I'll have some sexy stuff to show (after serious editing).
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    Nische pics
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