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Thread: Building a Nieuport 11...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Giger View Post
    I figured you had a high-speed trailer!
    After as much time as I spent re-rigging that aircraft I sure ain't taking it apart just to put it on a trailer that I don't have....then put it back together....then take it apart....then put it back together!
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    Ah, the rigging isn't a problem, as the cables are cut to length and you most likely have easy to remember turnbuckle positions. This part surprised me in the Noop, as I've had to take the wings off and back on for a number of reasons.

    Add in at events like Gardner and Russ' gathering there is always a couple three guys who know enough to not do damage (at worst) or are doing it themselves (at best) to help out.

    I'm going to show up in Ohio on Friday morning just for that reason - to help un-trailer - as that is where the real conversations happen and the learning stuff, um, learned.


    The real concern is crap getting damaged in loading, transit, and unloading.

    At Gardener we almost set a wing down on top of a big dog doo, for example.
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