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Yep, I'm fine.

The medical part has been, um, challenging. Further scans revealed that I broke pretty much every non-floating rib on the left side, which is why it's taking so long to heal.

Plus work. Sigh. Why in the world I agreed to working on aircraft is beyond me (okay, it was money), but they've really put me to work doing all manner of repair stuff, from resurrecting Cub ribs (terrible) to fabricating pieces (not so bad).

Indeed, working at C&D (who restored the EAA sweepstakes Cub and are doing the 50th anniversary raffle plane) has increased my building skills tremendously - even though it was building the Nieuport that got me the job.

To catch up, I've decided to just completely rebuild the fuselage - I'll use it for reference along with plans and my builder's log - reusing the controls, stuff on the dash, and a few other things.
Sorry to hear about the busted ribs.

Glad you decided to build a new fuselage.