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Thread: Website schedule suggestion

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    Website schedule suggestion

    Just a friendly suggestion for the "schedule" functionality of the Airventure site, for next year maybe:

    Each year I initially read through the very long, detailed schedule, line by line, almost as soon as it comes out, to make a list of the things I'm most interested in seeing, so that I know what days I should take off work to attend. (Although this year I'm taking the whole week off and will be there Sunday through Saturday - yay!)

    Of course, as time goes on, the schedule is updated with some last minute additions - often, quite a few of them.

    But unless I'm missing something, there's no easy way to see only those later additions. Unless I scroll through all 50 pages of the full schedule, I might miss something.

    So my suggestion would be to add a way to view only those events which were added to the schedule after a user-selectable date. Or, alternatively, to have a way to sort the list by date/time ADDED to the list in addition to being able to sort it by date/time of the event (which obviously is even more important).

    That way, if I come back to the schedule after my initial full read, I could quickly check to see what are the new events that I may not have seen, since they were added after my last check.

    Anyway, this is just a feature suggestion for the future and is not meant to take away from the great job you guys have done and always do on the website, apps, etc.

    Steve Lin

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    This is an excellent idea, Steve - I'll pass it along to the folks on the web team!

    Hal Bryan
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