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Thread: What is the best paint stripper?

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    What is the best paint stripper?

    I'm restoring a 1956 Cessna 172. I've finished repairing things mechanical, and redid the interior and now I'm into stripping the paint. So far I've used several paint strippers and found Dad's in the green can to be very effective in removing the top 5 layers of paint. However, the original layer of paint, a dark blue, is very tenacious and nothing I've tried seems to soften this paint. Can anyone suggest a stripper that will take this off and get me down to bare aluminum? Also need to know where I can get some of it.

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    I use this.

    They sell it in 5 gal and 55 gal containers. The 5 gal ships UPS. Washes clean with water. Cost is around $240 for 5 gal.

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    Are you letting the stripper soak in? If your in an area that dries it out quickly won't help either. What are you using to remove the paint after getting the stripper into it? Stripper isn't always a magical thing, there's going to be elbow grease involved with some layers.

    and PLEASE wear eye protection, I've had a nice chunk of paint with stripper in my eye....not fun

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