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Thread: Looking for Photos and Pics of the Rare Hillman Hornet Helicopter built in 1979.

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    Looking for Photos and Pics of the Rare Hillman Hornet Helicopter built in 1979.

    Hi Ya'll a few years ago I picked up the remains of the second prototype of the Hillman Hornet helicopter ( N8063D ) it was a 1979 award winner at Oshkosh and I am hoping that just maybe someone may have seen it and taken Photos of it I need to be able restoring it.

    The Hornet evolved from the Helicom Commuter and in the past I restored a Helicom Commuter ( N814S ), so I do already have the drive components for restoring it.

    That said what I do not have are any Plans that show the battery location, fuel tank mounts and other internal details.
    There are very few Photos of N8063D to be found on line and the FAA deregistered it about 2 years ago, due to not being able to contact the Hillman family.

    Doug Hillman was killed by a Drunk driver, before he could put the kits into production. my goal is to restore it to as close to original as possible and hope to make it airworthy again. but this very well may not happen. worse case I would like to restore it to preserve this part of Homebuilt History.
    As far as I can tell this very well may be the Only Hillman Hornet left in the world as only 2 or 3 where ever made. So even if it just ends up a static display, it would still be worth saving for others to see.

    Here are some photos of when it was first built and how it looks at present.

    If you have or know any one that has info or photos of N8063D, I would love to hear from you.


    Timothy Heilig
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    What a great project, I will forward this thread to my other helicopter friends.....Good luck!
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    Light at the end of the Tunnel, I have finely made contact with Doug Hillmans family Members that would be the ones to get me the FAA bill of sale I need to make the Hornet legal again. keeping fingers crossed we can get it legal. the N# has been on inactive hold for 5 years due to the FAA reg, purge. so I have to make it happen before may 13 of this year. Sadly Glenn Lacy of bedford Va. did not uphold his part of an agreement to build the engine for the Hornet, yet he had 5 years to assemble a lycoming 0-320 in exchange for a Cont. C-90-12F that I traded him to do the work. he took my C-90 and sold it and never built my engine. so beware of having him do any work for you. he has a hanger at the Lynchburg va. airport. looks like after 5 years I will have to get an attorney.

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    There is a Dave Thurston book called "Homebuilt Aircraft" published around 1982 that has a [low quality] picture of 8063D and a picture of Doug Hillman.

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