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Thread: Chapter Activities -- What makes your members excited?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Byron J. Covey View Post
    Are you down at L38?

    JFDP was my college roommate.

    No I went there to the EAA lunch two weeks ago. I am North of the lake.

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    Our chapter does fly outs, training seminars for tig welding, annual recurrencys, an annual wine and cheese party.. we have plans for a fabric covering course next spring hopefully. But of course it seems that the best turn out is for our monthly meetings where we have burgers and beer and bs about everything we never accomplish on our own personal projects or the clubs project.

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    A few more items

    Every Month:
    Every Saturday: Lunch $3.00
    2nd Saturday: Young Eagle flights, flight simulators, free lunch to kids
    3rd Saturday: Monthly meeting, breakfast, lunch, and guest speaker
    Last Saturday: Flyout
    Tuesday and Thursday: builder days, typically 4 -10 people will work around facility

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