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Thread: Lights required for night flight?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc Zeitlin View Post
    No idea... In fact, it might have BEEN an FAA inspector - it was many years ago...
    It makes a difference. Most of the DARs who came from industry or the aviation community have gone to the training in OKC that teaches them the "chain of command" and stresses not making decisions in a vacuum. But if the person is a retired FAA inspector (or an active FAA inspector) all bets are off, since many of them don't actually get the specialized training. The worst thing in the world is an FAA inspector who "knows" the rules (whether they actually do or not).


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    Kinda late to this thread but....
    Part 23 requirements do not translate into the EAB world.
    ”Approved” position lights per 91.205 only applies to aircraft CERTIFIED under Part 23 after 1996, this excludes EAB aircraft. Gotta read the whole paragraph.
    Buying TSO’ed position lights DOES NOT guarantee proper area coverage, that is installation dependent.
    Just sayin.
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