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Thread: STOL forum? Backcountry?

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    STOL forum? Backcountry?

    I presume that this is the place for STOL posts, but I wonder if a separate forum for STOL would help focus? Is there some reason why a separate STOL or backcountry forum would not be a good idea? Some STOLs are in the light sport category, but many are not. Even STOL light sports are a different animal from some, if not all, ultralights.

    Begging your pardon; I'm brand new to these forums.

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    STOL /Back-country good a string as any i suppose it depends on the equipment you operate .

    if you are agitating for a separate forum a post in feedback might be appropriate

    little UL i want breaks ground in 250 foot run, idk what the 50 foot clearance distance is.
    at the local field there is an aircraft company builds a LSA gets off in 175 feet , they say
    wish i had one of those .

    it is 30 miles to the airfield but a navigable waterway one mile away , i want a float plane[amphib] to operate off that.
    no float plane specif neither
    i was studying on the rules in wilderness areas , they kinda ticky , i think , on where you put down.

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    We almost have no traffic as it is here. Breaking out a STOL forum would be counter-productive.

    The BCP (Backcountry Pilot) forum has an Ultralight/LSA subforum, which also sees little use.

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