Not enforcing the rules is a big problem. Vehicles (other than the tugs and other necessary support vehicles) should never be in a crowded place like the <Insert Current Sponsor for the west ram here> square. It used to be MUCH worse, just about anybody with a vendor pass used to drive through the crowd to get to their booth. Years ago I suggested that the show was getting big enough like other shows I attend to require an exposition company to move freight, etc.... It's a whole lot better (at least for the public) since Greyhound has been there to take care of things.

There's no need for vehicles to be travelling much faster than pedestrian speed where they are allowed. Most of the emergency stuff shoots down in front of the burn line anyhow to avoid the pedestrians.

One thing that came out of two "unfortunates" is the combination of the new perimeter fence / road (that took away a good deal of Vintage camping) and the rules for the T-birds. During the T-bird show days, all the vehicular traffic was routed just south of the Vintage Barn up the perimeter road down until you got to ultralights. Boy did this make a positive change in Vintage.