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Thread: Best Online Store?

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    Best Online Store?

    Does anyone have a favorite? One with quality parts, good selection, and good customer support if something goes wrong?

    With Tower Hobbies, I am having a problem finding a good ESC because it seems they dont have many to choose from. Same with a electric engines...

    hobbycool everyone cringes about and waves the "STAY AWAY" flag because I guess you get what you pay for with them? I hav never dealt with them before.

    Horizon Hobby I have never delt with before but they seem to have a pretty good selection.

    So what are your thoughts? I would love to find a good online retailer with a great selection so I don't have to order from 10 different companies everytime I go to put a plane together....

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    I don't have any interest in R/C stuff, but I know some people that work at Horizon & it seems like a good bunch of people.

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