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Thread: Aerotique Parasol

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    Quote Originally Posted by erkki67 View Post
    I'm looking for the construction details or plans of the Aerotique Parasol.

    Is ther anyone out there with knowlege about this bird?

    Bst rgds from France

    Here's a one hour long video about the history of Ultralights and it shows the original Aerotique Parasol at about the 40 minute.

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    Greetings to all,

    My name is stanley truman and I'm the one of the original owners and designers of the Aerotique Parasol. The aircraft is still around and is hanging in my garage with wings off of it. At one time we were going to sale the plans for it but was offered the opportunity to let somebody manufacture it and sell it as a completed aircraft. Well that didn't work out like we thought. That's is another story in itself called liability. Putting floats and tail wheels on aircraft in not just adding them without concerns of what happens to the aerodynamics of ANY aircraft.

    Also I read here that Mark said I had worked for him which is not correct. I visited him when he was building his wren? But I did know Dave Blanton and I miss him a lot. Was a very talented man and taught me a lot about aircraft.

    Anyway I'm still around and I'm retired now and have other interest. This whole aircraft thing kind of left a bad taste in my mouth about aviation and some of the people.


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    Heath Parasol

    Quote Originally Posted by erkki67 View Post
    Ive found different pics of the Heath Parasol, but a one is missing a valuable view from the top!
    Does there exist such a view or even complete 3 views?

    bst rgds
    The 1929 Flying and Glider Manual has plans & construction articles for the Heath Super Parasol. It's available from the EAA Gift shop for $6.95 (

    By the way... there are a total of 5 Flying & Glider Manuals available from EAA. 1929 ($6.95), 1930 ($5.95), 1931 ($6.95), 1932 ($3.95), 1933 ($3.95). You can buy the entire set for $29.95. Or purchase all 5, individually, for a totals of $27.75. (I don't think EAA fully understands the concept behind "package" deals. )
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    That's a two dollar and twenty cent "convenience fee" for not having to list five different part numbers when ordering the whole set. If you had a MBA from Marquette, you'd know this and marvel at its genius...

    Hey Stan, I'm sorry that you've been exposed to so many greedy dopes in aviation. I've been screwed over by many of them, but I just focus on my love for aviation and sharing my passion for it with whomever is truly interested in it. I ignore the opportunists and the dreamers. Do you still have a complete set of drawings and manuals that could be printed or scanned without a whole lot of hassle on your part? How much would someone have to pay you, up front, to make it worth your while? Would you consider selling the prototype hanging in your garage, and the manufacturing rights, or do you like having her hanging there as a reminder of why you got out of aviation? If that's the case, you're not alone!

    Soft landings, Andy

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