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Thread: Buttercup Project - Steve Wittman -First Flown in 1938

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    Well, the wings were taken down after being on the ceiling 6 years...( Moving , building a house, Life happens )

    Holy Cow , it's a good thing they were sealed with a varnish coat of epoxy.
    I blew them off with high pressure air.
    I was going to hose them down , but our outside faucet hasn't thawed yet.
    So, bucket of water and a sponge. They are cleaning up nice. nothing sticky.

    This kind of shows how ONE guy can do this... Up or down.
    Gotta Fly...

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    Mothers Aluminum Mag Polish

    Funny... The Wings are back "UP"...
    I did a little work on them.
    But I needed the room, I flipped them too.
    I dropped in here to tell Frank about those perfect lines he was talking about...
    and how wrong he was...

    I missed the Datum Line... also... The streak was too narrow.
    The lines on metal are no problem...The ones on the fabric can be tricky to remove without leaving a Ghost....
    Here's my Stuff... Yeah I use it to polish Aluminum.... But it polishes a LOT of things...
    It only takes a dab to wipe out the pencil lines/marks....gone
    It's a good "Fine" polish to have handy.
    Works on headlights too , Or CD's / Movies that won't play.

    Here's a Link "MOTHERS"

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    Time Out

    Taking advantage of some good weather .
    I got it ready last October after it SAT for 6 yrs , but Winter hit early ...
    plus I needed a Bi-annual revenue , registration and insurance.
    Got it all taken care of , time to explore my new area.

    Since my Buttercup project is getting closer to completion ,I need to get my flying skills polished up

    I was cautious , I tied the plane and tested full throttle .
    After Takeoff I stayed over the private strip (Robco)
    She ran great... I flew around twice ... Each flight was 1.2 hrs
    I'm working on the plenum for my Buttercup ,
    but I have a lot of firewood to cut & split ...yes, Winter is around the corner.
    plus , it would be nice to fly her again before it gets too cold with the open cockpit .

    Gotta Fly...
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    Oh, that's wonderful!
    The opinions and statements of this poster are largely based on facts and portray a possible version of the actual events.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Giger View Post
    Oh, that's wonderful!
    My Grandson was out with me... He said it wouldn't get off the ground !!!
    Well, he was surprised...

    He's only 5 yrs old... He's never seen any of my planes fly.

    After I took off , I circled back with a low fly-by...( Can you see the peace sign ? )
    It was good to get my plane back into the air, it was on the ground TOO long.

    Also... He's the age where it might sink in a little.

    Oh, I put him in the seat with the head phones for a few pictures .

    Something to look back on.
    Gotta Fly...

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