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Thread: Buttercup Project - Steve Wittman -First Flown in 1938

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    Back on the Carb Heat Box

    I made a frame to hold brass screen...
    From here it will also get a filter laying flat on the Brass / with oil on it ( Like Rotax )

    It will clean easy.... The cowl will also have a heavier screen and filter

    I'm working on the Carb heat "air supply" at a near by exhaust pipe...The Scat will be short
    Pictures @ 11
    Gotta Fly...
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    heat supply

    Short run...
    Short clamps.
    The SCAT needs to be adjust... probably shortened too.
    the exhaust wrap has adjusting that can be done... Hotter or cooler
    I took a stab at it.
    Gotta Fly...
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