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Thread: Buttercup Project - Steve Wittman -First Flown in 1938

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    I agree that it's great work. What are the thin, darker-colored bits under the reinforcing tape between the ribs in the first and second photos above?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Giger View Post
    Looking at your covering skills all I can say is....I hate you.

    Thank you Frank, That's the nicest thing someone has said about it ...

    Gotta Fly...

    PS To the other question.... Those are Douglas fir strips

    I had to use them to jump the structural tube... The fabric was barely touching it
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    I used some Toothpicks ( Flat Ones ) to help get close enough to use "Tape" to seal it.
    Then extended the Spring Rod Dampener with Balsa wood...using Bondo to glue it.
    After it gets Glassed... it can be ground out's just a mold.
    Gotta Fly...
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