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Thread: Mass produced vtol aircraft to eliminate eventual global gridlock of ground vehicles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stan View Post
    Hi John, it is a modern day version of POGO shown in the following you tube video.
    Very interesting. I would be interested in hearing how you are solving some of the technical challenges associated with the original XFY-1.

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    More info here, for those interested.

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    Hi John, my design solves all of the issues described in the article. The aircraft will be easier to land than any current aircraft. Today's technology makes all other issues easily solved. The major challenge will be
    getting enough interest to mass produce the aircraft. Initially it will compete with the current market and only after enough interest is generated will it be able to be mass produced. I am hoping a mass produced
    price of around $50.000 would generate enough interest to make mass production profitable. I will update you as things progress.

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    Please explain how a relatively low-time private pilot type is going to successfully land that aircraft when the computerized flight controls malfunction or fail. The Convair 'Pogo' is in several 'World's worst aircraft' type books, and for good reason.

    I'd also like to see you actually address the MANY questions that have been brought up in this've dodged nearly all of them, and that certainly isn't giving you any credibility. It's as if you haven't thought of any of these issues, and have no idea how to address them, or know much of anything about aircraft design, certification, etc. Prove me wrong.

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    The aircraft will be easier to land than any current aircraft.
    In that configuration in a 4 knot crosswind I think not.
    The opinions and statements of this poster are largely based on facts and portray a possible version of the actual events.

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    reading this thread makes me think of this song:

    caution NSFW!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Giger View Post
    (Walking into the workplace covered in dirt, next to a woman who looks like she had a racoon attack her hair)

    "That's the third time this week I've been dusted by somebody's Verticraft."
    "Huh?" says the woman.
    "Darn thing was on auto-home mode."

    I like how the things are banned from cities - they fly you to a centralized location and one is forced to take mass transit into town - but have full access to airports.

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    Computer controlled, eh? Just as long as Microsoft is not involved. That could give the old "blue screen of death" a totally new meaning. Now I would have to worry about hackers as well!


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    Sorry Stan, but this is all way too much Jetsons and Buck Rogers for me.

    I'm ridiculously skeptical because I take all the fanciful emotion out of it and only think about the exhaustive variables that need to be in place and the infrastructure required to make such a system work efficiently, effectively and with the highest regard for safety. And the costs!!!! Oh the horror!!!

    All this talk lately about autonomous planes and cars is nothing but fanciful BS and as a pilot just makes me angry and laugh at the same time. Why? What's the fascination with this auto stuff anyways. I've had AP's go FUBAR to the point where turning it off didn't help, had to pull the breaker, thankfully that worked. Maybe one day far into the future if this good ole earth survives BUT not now and not in my grandchildrens time(of which I have none presently).

    You want investors? Go to the already converted, choired and invested. Contact Ilon Musk, Richard Branson, Ford, GM, Uber and Jeff Bezos and all the other billionaire visionaries who believe this stuff is just around the corner.

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