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Thread: Looking for advice on an LSA

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    Looking for advice on an LSA

    I am looking for an LSA that I can use to take my girlfriend and I camping for the weekend and maybe eventually do some XC flights.

    So what I want is a 2 seat aircraft that has room for a passenger and maybe 2 medium backpacks worth of stuff. I have seen some Airborne trikes that have a belly bag and side bags that seem to fit the bill but I am having a hard time locating a CFI who can train weight shift.

    So I was looking at things like the FlightStar, HawkArrow II, GT500, Excalibur and Challenger. I plan to buy used and have a budget of $15,000 that I can go over slightly if it is very worth it. Eventually it would be nice to throw floats on there too but that is in no way a deal breaker.

    Any advice would really be appreciated.


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    When you say "camping" do you mean landing in the backcountry? Because if so, that will affect your choice. Also the kind of weather you want to fly in; if you want to fly year round in colder climates you'll want an enclosed aircraft, which might not matter so much if you stay down south.

    You might also look at the Kolb models, particularly the MKIII, and also some older light planes like Taylorcraft or Aeronca (though $15K won't buy a pristine example).

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    I am in the Pacific NW so I figure I wont be doing too much during the wet season. But an enclosed canopy would be nice to extend the flying season a bit.

    Not looking at doing off field landings for camping, but in the NW there seem to be a number of grass strips either at the coast or in the forest that allow landing and camping. So something that can safely get into and out of short fields is a big plus.

    I will keep an eye out for Kolbs, so far all the MKIII's have been over $20k which is out of my price range but Ill keep an eye out for them.


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    When making your decision, be sure to check out the Maximum Gross Takeoff Weight for the airplane you are considering. When estimating if it will meet your needs, that Max Gross needs to accomodate the weight of a full tank of fuel, your weight, your girlfriend's weight and the weight of any gear you intend to haul. I am prompted to write this because an Aeronca was mentioned and I'm not sure an Aeronca will accomodate the weight you have in mind.

    65LA out of 07N Pennsylvania

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    My girlfriend and I are on the lighter side of things so 400lbs between us and gear is more than safe. I could probably get away with 350 packing lightly.

    I am looking at a Kitfox 3 tomorrow with a Rotax 582 which seems to fit the bill nicely but is a little more than I want to spend.

    How bout the Klob MKII?

    The big problem I am running into on the ultralights is figuring out if there is actually any space to cram a tent, a couple sleeping bags and some food in there. Although I have seen some bullet shaped cargo pods that look like a good alternative.

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    None of your criteria will fit into the ultralight category.
    LSA is not ultralight.

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    Check out the sport pilot locator here

    You should be able to find a weight shift CFI in your area!

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    Quote Originally Posted by knussear View Post
    Check out the sport pilot locator here

    You should be able to find a weight shift CFI in your area!
    I am a weight shift and other CFI living in Renton WA. Several other trike instructors are also available. AWO and SHN (Arlington and Shelton) are active trike centers. Contact me directly for more discussion about fixed wing versus WSC for your camping activities.

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