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Thread: Boeing 314 Clipper Recovey

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    Boeing 314 Clipper Recovey

    Ran across an article this morning about a group that's trying to recover a Boeing 314 Clipper from the south Pacific. Anybody have a spare $8M you could toss their way?
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    Thousands of feet down after being essentially destroyed and shot to heck. Sounds like a waste of money. He even admits it's like playing poker only he wants to do it with OPM......

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    I agree with you Riki. I wonder if the one they mention in the north Atlantic would be a better option for salvage. I've always had a love for flying boats so to see one of the classics restored even just for display would be amazing.

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    In the comments on that article, they mention one in Ireland.
    Theirs is a replica, so my guess is it's not actual aircraft structure, but something that gives the appearance of the airplane for the parts you can see.

    Another comment also mentioned that the Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola has one, but they don't list it on their website. So maybe it's parts from one of the damaged/crashed/parts airplanes that is not in a condition where it can be displayed.
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    There is a 1942 Sikorsky VS-44 flying boat in the New England Air Museum in Connecticut. It is a beautiful old boat, a follow up model to the China Clipper operated S-42 and Martin flying boats. Here is a link
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