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Thread: Exp database?

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    Thanks. How about the Cozy MK4?

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    I believe the Express is still in production.
    I'm not sure how the cost compares to the RV-10.

    It looks like the -10 drove the Lancair ES to mothballs. They say they will still make a kit for you, but they're not actively selling them.

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    Yes , Bob and there are few things that will have you more alert/nervous than doing the first flight in an experimental airplane that you and a friend have built, especially if it has a 2 stroke non aviation standard type engine. Worked out ok, though.

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    I believe the Sling 4 meets those requirements...

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    Sorry I'm coming late to this discussion. Here is a list of all the kits I know about that seat 4 or 5 and cruise at 150kts or more:

    AeroCad AeroCanard (4 models)
    Auriga Designs Aerocat SRX
    Bede Aircraft BD-4B / 4C
    Lancair: ES / IV / Evolution
    Ravin 500 RG
    Team Tango Foxtrot 4
    Van's RV-10
    Velocity SE / XL

    (There may be newer companies that I don't know about. I last updated my list in 2011.)

    Some of these companies may not be around anymore. The companies with the largest installed-base of flying 4-person aircraft are Lancair, Van's, and Velocity (in that order.) In terms of the number of kits sold per year, the ranking is Van's, Lancair, and Velocity.

    Hope this helps!

    Reiff Lorenz, Dayton Ohio
    Velocity XL-RG, 51% completed
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    Check out You'll have to search through the listings but they have info on most planes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pacerpilot View Post
    Check out You'll have to search through the listings but they have info on most planes.
    I would say if it was not in the list I supplied it was either a one-off original design or it was never built.


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