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Thread: 1/3 scale B17 and no this is not an RC. The Bally Bomber

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    1/3 scale B17 and no this is not an RC. The Bally Bomber

    Thought I would share this.

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    We've been watching this project for a while now - we can't wait to see it fly!

    Here's an early story we did:

    Our (full-scale) B-17 crew even stopped in to visit Jack last July - they were pretty excited about it as well.

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    I've been to Jack's place to see the project and I am still in awe and amazement of his dedication and detail he has put in to this project.
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    What a spectacular project ! What a spectacular personal achievement for an EAA homebuilder, even up to this point alone.

    It would sure be a shame if the Sport Aviation article about this one-off homebuilt had to be made smaller and less prominent, because a decision was made to prioritize an article about a turbine PC-12 with de-ice boots.
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    I've been following this project too. Hats off to these guys for bringing this project to completion, can't wait to see it fly!

    BTW: Where did I first hear about this project? The warbird replica HQ at Oshkosh....

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