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Thread: Christavia Tail Span and LSA wood aircraft

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    Christavia Tail Span and LSA wood aircraft

    Hello all!

    First off, does anyone know the tail span on a Christavia Mk.1?

    Secondly, what are the ideas for an LSA homebuilt that has as much wood construction as possible. Looking for something preferably high wing, tandem seating, and folding wings already designed in. What are your recommendations? With that said, I'm really open to all suggestions.

    The only two deal breakers: it must have two seats, and be able to be light sport.

    I'm familiar with Fisher Flying Products already, but I'm looking for something a little more substantial, hence the Christavia question.

    Looking forward to hear what you all come up with.

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    Have you taken a look at Just Aircraft's planes? Side-by-side, but they have folding wings. Bearhawk LSA - no folding wings, but tandem seating - it would be my choice. Tom
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    OK, I am a bit confused here. I like the Just Aircraft designs, but there is no wood in either. Nothing wrong with the Fisher Flying Products Horizon 1 and Horizon 2, well-proven designs but they are light at only 1050 lbs gross. Nothing else comes to mind for me as a wood construction, tandem two-seater in the LSA category with high and folding wings.

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    If you can go with side-by-side then there is a version of the Falconar Avia Maranda with wood construction, a 1200 lb gross weight and folding wings that would work. If you can do without folding wings then how about a Pietenpol Air Camper? This Acey Deucey shows that an enclosed conversion of a parasol can look pretty good, or you could go with a canopy.

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    If you are considering a Christavia, then you are talking about a welded steel tube fuselage and tail feathers with wood wings. A J-3 Cub replica would work as well. If you then go with side-by-side seating then there are more options, say a Pober Junior Ace.

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    Otherwise there are lots of all-wood two-seaters that fit the LSA category from Europe, but those tend to be low-wing, side-by-side with a one-piece wing. A Druine Turbi comes close in a low-wing with the wind in your hair (or not, if you want a canopy) and tandem seats but the wings do not fold.

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    I hope that helps.


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    Confused? He said he was open to all suggestions....I merely suggested two really good and practical designs which have no wood and which are much more substantial than FFPs.
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    What about LMA? Are they still in business. I know they have an all wood copy of a J-3. I think they are in Florida but don't know that for sure. Someone had a picture of their almost completed Cub copy in a recent issue of Sport Aviation. By recent, I mean withing this year.

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    Check out the RagWing 19 Stork. All wood , 2 place, STOL, folding wings, LSA compliant. There is an active Yahoo builders group. See . Randy

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    Another option from Falconar Avia is the Cubmajor. Two seats in tandem, folding wings, all wood except for the center section. It's their version of the Luton Major.

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