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Thread: Thought for the EAA

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    Thought for the EAA

    Recently in a Yahoo group I frequent, the question came up regarding who owns the rights to a older design (in this case, a variant of the Tailwind called the Daphne). Think it would be nice if the EAA would establish a database for contact information for the owners of assorted aircraft rights- especially if they are older homebuilts not commonly seen. Thoughts?

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    I think that would actually fall into the category of a core function of the organization, and so blindingly obvious that one can understand why it hasn't been done!

    So if one wanted to build a Nieuport 11, there would show two options: Graham Lee plans ( ) and Airdrome Aeroplanes kits (

    To make it easy for them, they could ask their members for the info and then compile it.
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    Jonathan Harger
    David, please check out; I think it might be what you're looking for.
    EAA would love to have members write in with updates and/or additions.

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    The list is updated as we hear of the updates...the problem is when plans become unavailable or change hands and EAA isn't made aware of it. We do try to keep this list current, but it's not as easy as it would seem to be.
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