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Thread: FAVORITE aviation movie of all time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fast Eddie View Post
    The absolute WORST aviation movie EVER:
    “Flight Surgeons”, 1930’s staring Errol Flynn.
    Wearing ridiculous smocks.
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    If you can deal with subtitles,

    The Crew,

    Isn't all that bad a movie. It'll surprise you.

    Jake Speed

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    Steven Spielberg's gag filled war story gets my vote... I think none other than legendary Frank Tallman is the real
    P40 pilot played by John Belushi as Wild Bill Kelso...

    Official Trailer...

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    Airpower was my favorite as a youngster.

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    My era had "The Blue Max" and "The Great Waldo Pepper". My son's era had "Top Gun." Now, my grandson's era had "Planes." For overall messiness, there was "Catch 22." "Tora, Tora,Tora" is about something real so it is easily compared with history and found not as compelling. For me that is "Top Gun" I was sent across the room to shake Pete Pettigrew's hand after he came back from Vietnam and "Got his MIG." At the time I felt a bit unsure as I had put on a lot of weight to match Paul Anderson and in my mind I was "The Man Who Lived at the Ritz." Uggh!

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    I met William Holden after his "Grosser Mercedes" chased my Chevrolet pickup up the hill to Zabriskie Point one early morning in Death Valley. He was mostly interested in my wife. Sure, I know, lots of people work with him on a movie all day long for days. Such teasing by fame!

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    I've asked folks elsewhere if they think "Tillie" the crane used in Bridges at Toko Ri, as a block after the net on the carrier, was based on the Tillie from the National Physics Laboratory, who rode her Norton International motorcycle to all the Spitfire bases, in WW-II to deliver the membrane she developed for the SU carburetor on the Merlin so they could simply nose over and pull negative (redout) g's instead of having to rollover as in an Immelmann.
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    [QUOTE=martymayes;78210]Not an aviation movie per se, but I get a good belly laugh every time I see Truman Sparks flying scenes in the movie "Fandago."[/QUOTEThe fandango movie while not truly an aviation film, this film is a sleeper and it should be in everybody's collection of just a great fun film. Truman Sparks ( as a character, is the genuine article )
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    The list of aviation related films, whether good or bad, is very long, so I will keep my list to just 7 films, based upon the premise of, ( if I could only pick 7, if I was stranded on an island with the ability to watch films )

    1 .............The war lover, excellent film, McQueen was great in it.

    2. .............The flight of the Phoenix, the original with Jimmy Stewart

    3. ..............Captain of the clouds with Cagney, I am partial to vintage float planes, and the movie was a good story.

    4. .............. Dunkirk, its taken me a while to warm up to it, but this film is a very unique film, I thoroughly enjoy watching it.

    5. ...............Fandango, purely for the sheer madness and acting skills of Marvin J. McIntyre as Truman Sparks and the Pecos Parachute School.

    6. ...............Always. The owner of the PBY in the film, Robert P. Schlaefli, was a personal friend of mine. He commissioned me to do a run of shirts of his Catalina. I used to go hang out with him over at his hangar in Moses lake Washington. Those that knew him and I as well sure do miss him. He passed away in 2003.

    7. .................The Aviator, by Scorsese. Good true story, and the inclusion of the Sikorsky S-38 made me smile. The crew out at Owatona Minnesota ( BAR ) when Buzz Caplan was alive, Gary Underlund and a crew of talented craftsmen built two of these replicas. I would stop by each summer after OSHKOSH and would stop in and see how the progress was coming along on these amazing planes.
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    ​" Good isn't cheap, and Cheap isn't good "

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    There has been a Tom Cruise movie being played on various channels on my sat subscription. I recommend "American made" with Cruise starring as Barry Seale. His co star is an Aerostar. Lots of scenes shot in and around the Louisiana offshore oilfields among other places. Some of my fellow pilots in the "oil patch" knew him.
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