Interesting take, Bill... The only problem with it is if I don't find a CFI capable of teaching in an LSA, then all I'll ever get to do is sit on my arse watching others. That smacks too much of the guy sitting outside the restaurant watching through the glass at all the people having a good time. Not my thing.

If I can't find what I want, on my terms, then I'll find the next best thing and run with that. It is my money after all. I will spend it on what makes me happy. If that means ignoring the local airfield, then so be it.

One tidbit to take away from all this. The cost of living in the US has gone up 111% since 1970. The minimum wage, adjusted for cost of living and the value of the dollar has gone down 23% since 1970. The average salary for a Fortune 500 CEO has gone up 537% since 1970.