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Thread: Aircraft cockpit for Young Eagles

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    Aircraft cockpit for Young Eagles


    I have an aircraft cockpit section from a single-seat Aerosport Quail project, sitting on tricycle landing gear, and cut off a few inches behind the seat. I think it would make a great chapter project to finish it off with small wings, short tail section, paint, lights, maybe even a computer with a monitor with a flight sim program, and display it at public events/schools/parades/shopping malls/county fairs, etc., to generate interest in the younger-than-Young Eagles age group. I am located near Harrisburg, PA, and will donate this to anyone who wants to come get it. It should fit in the back of a large pickup truck.

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    Is this still available?
    The Western North Carolina Air Museum would be able to use it
    and you could write it off on your taxes in that we are a 501-C-3 organization
    Let me know here or drop me a line at museum's e-mail

    Joseph W. Lilley
    Western North Carolina Air Museum

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