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Thread: FAA Response to Young Eagles Petition

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Greenwood View Post
    Cdr, etc., etc.

    One big difference between us is that I don't use an alias, either on line or on the phone.My posts are in my name and when I spoke to the lady at EAA I used my name, the same one I had when I joined EAA in 1982.
    So if you mean what you say, "no disrespect" then use your name when you critisize me or anyone else and don't pick out only part of my posting to quote.

    It may seem normal to you for EAA to be reluctant to talk about details of one of their major programs, but then I was not assuming that there was anything that was secret and I am certainly missing the key idea that EAA needed to hide things about these programs.

    I have since learned that EAA founder Paul P. passed away this morning. I had no idea of that at the time of my phone call which was probably 11,30 am Osh time.
    Maybe the lady was understandably upset, but she didn't mention anything even in general to me. Obviously had I known I would not have made that call today.

    I knew Paul just enough to say hi and talk about riding motorcycles with. He will be missed for a long time to come, and what a legacy he has left for us.

    I looked thru the EAA donor/ contributor list that comes out yearly and somehow I missed your name being mentioned. I have never seen you at the gathering of eagles nor are you a lifetime member. Never have I seen your presence at the members annual meeting in the theatre in woods where they discuss the financials of EAA! Other than providing your yearly contribution of $40.00 you seem to have done little to nothing else financially to contribute to the EAA. I find it mysterious myself why someone with such a limited financial interest would ask or want/need to know those questions. I could understand your request if you were a contributor. However, as it is and knowing who you are it only leaves questions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Greenwood View Post
    use your name when you critisize me ... don't pick out only part of my posting to quote.
    Alias? It's my name as email address.

    Michael Paul Muetzel, Commander, US Navy Retired
    10410 Merlin Drive, New Port Richey, Florida, 34654 (at FA40)
    727 264 6203
    Pilot certificate number 1925366, EAA number 76435, Young Eagles number 44

    y'all c'mon down some time when you and the weather cool off.
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