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    2013 was my second time at AirVenture and, like the first visit, I thought everything was great. Because of a busy work schedule I had to squeeze everything into a single day so there were many things that I just couldn’t do. Here’s a chronologic rundown of my visit and my impressions:
    VFR Arrival – Arrival followed the NOTAM to the letter; the pilots in the pattern did their part well, the controllers were friendly, polite and professional and the ground crew’s instructions were clear.
    CAP Cadets – Friendly, helpful and well instructed.
    Parking Volunteers – As soon as I exited the plane a fellow greeted me with a hearty “Welcome to Oshkosh!” and a handshake, what a nice way to start the day.
    Portable Johns – After a few cups of coffee and the flight to Oshkosh, finding clean and abundant facilities was much welcomed.
    Busses – Friendly drivers and good scheduling, waiting time was short.
    Gates – There were an adequate number of cashiers and the line moved quickly. Again, the staff was friendly and helpful.
    Food – Had breakfast and lunch, I thought the food was pretty good and fairly priced, there was no trouble finding a table. Remember that this is an aviation fair and not a gourmet restaurant or health food store.
    Display Planes – Awesome
    Vendor’s – Who wasn’t there?
    Trams – I had no problem getting on and the waits were short.
    Airshow – WOW!
    Airshow Spectators – I didn’t notice many unoccupied chairs at the front of the flight line. I chose not to carry a chair around all day and opted to sit in the grass to watch the show, several people in chairs on the flight line offered to exchange places with me so I could see better. It wasn’t necessary; I could see fine but I did appreciate the gesture.
    Attendees – Met some interesting people who all share a common interest.
    Departure – Well organized and safe, waiting time for takeoff was reasonable considering the large volume of arrivals and departures.
    How many days until the 2014 show? I’m ready
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    You hit the nail on the head! Was my first visit, and definitely not my last. The food was great as were the facilities. Anybody complaining about either can go visit my usual stomping ground 6500NM to the east. I never thought i could enjoy camping again after 20 years in the Army!

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    Strange isn't it? It is as if they have done this before! I encourage all my aviation friends to give it a try at least once in their life.

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    In a house with my laptop.....somewhere in Collierville, TN
    355 days.
    Jim Rice
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    Does anybody remember the things they gave out for the original Oshkosh365 launch. Little countdown timers to a future date (pre set to Oshkosh next year).

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    I enjoyed the streaming video!

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    As was last year, for my family the big hit was Kid Venture. This is a huge like in our book.
    This was my daughter’s second year attending Oshkosh, and she totally enjoyed herself. We spent about 2.5 days just at Kid Venture, my daughter wanted to do every activity they had to offer, even repeating stuff she did last year.
    My thanks to all the folks who work hard to make Kid Venture such a success! Name:  Sarah working on her propeller.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyingRon View Post
    Does anybody remember the things they gave out for the original Oshkosh365 launch. Little countdown timers to a future date (pre set to Oshkosh next year).
    I have a countdown timer on my website if your interested located here: (scroll to the bottom, it just got reset).
    Glenn Brasch
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    25th Oshkosh, 11th time in the N40! Arrival was a non-event as usual. I consider the Oshkosh arrival to be easier and probably safer than the East Troy arrival the weekend before. The best weather I can recall. So good that I watched the airshow 4 times. Visited all display hangers and fly-market and spent more than I planned. The new food tent in the N40 was great! The selection of forums was great. Got to see Rod Machado at the FAA and Carol Ann at the Museum! Didn't miss the jets. Visited every area from Ultralights to Warbirds to the Museum. But best part of the show was 6 shifts with Flight Line Ops. Nothing quite like working the taxiway across from the point where the P51's rotate! Doesn't get any better than that!

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