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Thread: 1983 Catto Acro-X

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    1983 Catto Acro-X

    I'm looking for info and photos of the Catto Acro-X, a pusher canard biplane.
    It was on static display at the 1983 ARV competition in Oshkosh.
    I've attached the little that I have found so far, as seen in the
    book, CANARD, A Revolution in Flight by Andy Lennon.


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    I remember it crashed. Craig had a problem, and had jettisoned the canopy preparing to leave, when the canopy got stuck in the flying wires,
    ruining the aerodynamics......he got out, (and parachuted into the trees). Not a good day.

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    You can reach Craig Catto at the following email address:
    I sent him your request for more info and he was surprised that someone knew of or even remembered this plane! Apteryx is correct in his response of the incident. Craig can fill you in with the details.

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