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Thread: Looking for my first airplane, an Avid Flyer? Need advice please.

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    Looking for my first airplane, an Avid Flyer? Need advice please.

    After flying dad's airplanes for many years, I'm thinking of getting back into aviation with my own airplane. Background: Over 400 hours almost all taildragger, still fly with someone once in a great while but not current for years, not willing to risk getting medical pulled so it's going to be light sport from now on. I have my own grass strip in IN, don't be envious, it's lonely.

    My dad shares a hangar with a guy that has an Avid Fly for sale, but it has an 80hp Jabaru engine. Not the best engine per my father. This aircraft looks very well built (I was an A&P and an AI under a station licence) except for the engine issue, but I think he wants too much money for the 200+ hours it has. What's everyone's opinion on the Avid Flyer? It's very close to what I was flying for many years. I started out in a PA-17 Vagabond, then the Piper Clipper, the Varga, and quite a few hours in the Baby Great Lakes as well. It actually has fifteen more horse power and is lighter than the Vagabond I learned to fly in many years ago.


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    Maybe its time to build you own?

    Try the Double Eagle or one of the many Fisher Flying Products. Sonex maybe isn't your style but should at least look at it. So, here goes Web addresses; and finally

    The Double Eagle can get pretty low in cost, $5k to $7K and apparently it flies great. The Fisher Dakota Hawk or Horizon II are probably more your speed.

    I personally can't see myself buying somebody else's problems... that's all.

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    i flew my avid for ten years. delightful aircraft with the rotax 532 (meaning a it was a light aircraft with a light engine). i submit that it is NOT "very close" to a PA17, Clipper, Varga. i have no experience with a Baby Great Lakes. also no experience with a jabiru-powered avid, but suspect it would be akin to my experience with a 912-powered kitfox 5. meaning, not as delightful due to higher empty weight for same wing. much more like a piper or aeronca. your mileage may vary.

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    Have you found a plane? I have an Avid that is a blast to fly.

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    Since your asking for advice, the first thing I would consider is how much money your looking to invest in a light sport plane. Or consider what the owner wants for the Avid your looking at and see what you can find comparable in that price range. There's a lot of choices out there and if you take your time, your bound to to find one that suits you.

    I don't know much about the Avid, other than a neighbor has one with a Rotax 582. Not a bad little airplane but he looks crammed in it. He's about 5'10 height and his knees are almost in his chest when he's flying it. Also something to consider; if it has Fiberglass fuel tanks. If so, stay away from ethanol fuels.

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