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Thread: New Chapter Video Magazine

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    New Chapter Video Magazine

    Here is a great photo of EAA Chapter 602 watching the new Chapter Video Magazine at their hangar. The July issue just came out today. It is sent to your chapter leadership to download and show exclusively at your chapter meeting. Use this as a tool to increase chapter meeting attendance and invite new folks to join you.
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    I tried to download the Chapter Video but my anti-virus program, Kaspersky, said that there was what they called a malicious URL in it and blocked the download. I tried several time with the same results. ?????

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    Kaspersky should not be a problem. I have Kaspersky and it downloads just fine. I will check with our IT folks here and get back to you.

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    Brady Lane...the videographer gave this advice:
    I just tried on my end and it’s working. The best thing to do would be to “whitelist” it through your anti-virus app. This not only helps you, but also helps the company know to white list the site to others hopefully won’t get blocked too.

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    Now how do we convince our local chapter to show it?
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    Are there any past chapter videos available for general public viewing? If not, please consider putting posting them.

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