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Thread: 1929 Fleet ( Everett Dyer )

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    1929 Fleet ( Everett Dyer )

    Hello, In 1967 I worked for Republic Steel Corp on their corporate aircraft at Cleveland Hopkins Airport. The chief pilot, Everett Dyer owned a 1929 Fleet with a Kinner engine which he kept in the hanger. I do not remember the N number but it sure looks like the blue and white that is on YOU Tube. It is NC908V. Does anybody know if it is the same A/C ? Just curious.

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    Since Fleet is not a make you hear everday, I'll mention there is a 1929 Fleet currently on Barnstormers.

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    Sorry for the quality, this wouldn't fit in my scanner so I used my (old) phone camera.

    This was the centerfold in the Winter 1973 "Special Edition" issue of Air Classics, which I made my mother buy for me at a garage sale back in the 1970s
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    Hi skyranger,

    The 1929 Fleet Model 7 that Everett owned is NC 411K. The Kinner is a 125 HP B5-F (rare front exhaust). Here's what I have on Everett and his Fleet (unfortunately, the old images of 411K are Xerox copies).

    Can you provide a link to the youtube video you mentioned?


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    high time cub, thank you for the pics and all of the information about Mr. Dyer and his 1929 Fleet. I only worked there a year and I was only 20 yrs old. When he hired me , I did not know him or anything about his past. He was a quiet man ( at least to me, age difference I presume). In fact I learned most of his history from you. Thank you ! I went back and looked at the You Tube video and ( NC908V ) and it is not a Fleet aircraft but an aircraft called a "BIRD". It resembles a Fleet . The color on the BIRD is the same as Everett's FLEET when it was in Republics hanger which made me think it was the FLEET. Republic was getting into the Jet age when I was there. They were getting rid of the HOWARD 500's and bought a Jet Commander and a JETSTAR. Thank You for all the great information !!!!!

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    high time cub, link to BIRD

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    Quote Originally Posted by skyranger View Post
    high time cub, link to BIRD
    Nice, a friend of mine owns the only Brunner-Winkle C Bird built with a Wright J6-5, he is hoping to have it at Oshkosh this year, currently trying to get the annual completed.
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    Happy Fleet and Ev Dyer

    Quote Originally Posted by skyranger View Post
    high time cub, link to BIRD
    Hello SkyRanger
    if you liked Ev Dyer's Fleet, I hope you had the opportunity to see him perform low level airshow aerobatics with it: the consummate demonstration of smooth energy management and graceful flying.


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