If you are still looking, a series on wood selection would be nice. I am looking at building a Mini-max Eros and would like to know more. The plans cover some of the information but it would be nice to have a more in-depth knowledge of what I am doing and where to find more information. Below is a list of what I would like to see covered if possible.
1. What type of wood is typically used in different applications like spars, longerons, rib cap strips, gusset material, etc. What is to be avoided?
2. Grain orientation for spars, longerons, rib cap strips, gusset material, etc.
3. Selection of wood for the parts listed above, including runout, knots, grain pattern, etc. and what is acceptable / safe in different applications.
4. Glue application. How much? Thin layer or a little thicker?
5. Moisture content. What to look for and how to change it properly. What about wood at different moisture contents (not extreme) used in the same parts?
6. Long term storage. Seal the wood as soon as each part is constructed or can you wait. How long is too long?
7. Warped wood. How warped is too warped?
8. Clamping pressure. When is it too much? Different clamping techniques and types for gussets, frame sides, fuselage assembly, etc.
I have an idea on most of these from building furniture most of my life but I would like to know more as these techniques pertain to aircraft construction. Besides, you need more videos for us wood and fabric guys.