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Thread: Fly in "look but please don't touch" signs

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    Fly in "look but please don't touch" signs

    Hi All,
    My chapter is having a fly in June 1st and we have had some trouble in the past with people not being "informed" about what is considered to be common knowledge around the airport. One idea that came up was the "look but please don't touch" prop signs that we have seen at fly ins such as Oshkosh. Preferably the type that has an area for the plane info on them. Does anyone out there know where those signs can be found? I have tried google searches but keep coming up dry on them. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Those "look but please don't touch" signs are boring and mostly ineffective. Have some fun and get creative making up your own signage. Here's some effective samples I found on a blog. I'm sure you and your colleagues can come up with more fun, right to the point, no doubt signs:

    My favorite is No.4

    • It may be your sole purpose in life to simply serve as an example to others. Don't be the first person to touch this airplane.
    • Touching an airplane never killed anyone, but why chance it?
    • A clean airplane is a sign of hard work. Please don't touch.
    • You want to touch my airplane? Can I touch your wife?
    • Two rights don't make a wrong. They make an airplane. Please don't touch.
    • Follow your dreams. Except the one where you're touching my airplane.
    • Please don't touch me. I've just been washed.
    • You touch it. You clean it.
    • I'm covered with dead bugs and oil. Do you really want to touch me?
    • When you own this airplane, you can touch it.
    • Friends don't let friends touch other people's airplanes.

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    This is an easy enough do-it-yourself task. Just use a drawing package to put together a sign reading what you want. I'd use Microsoft PowerPoint, but just about any tool would work. Most PCs can handle heavier paper ("Presentation paper") but 20-pound stock will do. Just set up the image in landscape mode, print them out, then staple a blank sheet behind each printed sheet. Staple along the long edges, and you've got a sleeve that'll slide over the prop.

    I did this for a small local open-house a long time ago, I've attached an image.

    Ron Wanttaja
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    I think mine from OSH is still in my Cub. I will try to get a picture of it you can use to create your own. Personally, I'd refrain from any insulting comments though I did use the "How would you like if I fondled your wife?" at a Military Vehicle show when a guy pulled my M1 Garand out of the scabbard on my restored WWII jeep and started playing with it and showing it to his kid. In retrospect, I realize I came across as an ass.
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    If you want a sign that will tolerate some wind, the office supply stores sell "card stock" is 250 sheet packages. 110lb paper that is really stiff. Many printers have a read feed tray that you can use for this stiffer paper. Works really well. I use it for signage and for the aerobatic competition flight program Aresti sequence cards for my panel.

    Best of luck,


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