Hi, All,

I'd like to call your attention to a couple of news items on the Home page of www.iac.org :

There is an article dated April 9 regarding the possible use of Open Aero software to create Free programs. In a few words, the IAC Board has found that the Form A produced by Open Aero is not acceptable for use at IAC contests. This information is especially pertinent to pilots, CD's, and Chapter Presidents who may have a contest coming up soon, as well as to judges being asked to certify Free programs.

Secondly, as of today a revised version of P&P 504 regarding selection of U.S. National Aerobatic Teams is posted for member comment. In accordance with this P&P's provisions, we must post it for two months prior to final Board acceptance. Please take a look and comment if you wish.

If you are an IAC member in good standing and can't log on to iac.org, click on About / Report a Problem to send a message to the webmaster. He may be able to help.


Doug Sowder