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Thread: Need plans for Slepcev Storch

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    Need plans for Slepcev Storch

    Hi all, first time post here...I am looking at trading for a Slepcev Storch. The aircraft has suffered a rough landing, and is in need of repair. I don't think that any builders notes or the plans are to be included in this trade, as the current owner has no clue to where the donated aircraft's paperwork is. The airframe is less firewall forward, so I am trying to find all the data I can on this cool bird, to get her back in the air. Any and all help is very much appreciated. Call me any time at 816-565-0575. Gary

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    Give these fellows a try
    They may or may not be able to help.
    The STOL King is based/copied from Slepcev Storch of simular.

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    I have some Slepcev plans please contact me at Jorge linares gonzalez

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