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Thread: Removable fabric finish?

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    Question Removable fabric finish?

    Other than vinyl stickers, and even those can be tough to remove after a long time, does anyone know of a way to decorate fabric with a finish that can be easily removed and redone to change the look of a plane?

    I have been thinking of some sort of a warbird design for a Taylor Monoplane, but it would be fun to be able to play around with different designs without adding layer upon layer of paint (and weight) to the airframe. I considered trying out Plastidip as is sometimes used to customize cars and can be peeled off afterwards, but while that should work fine on cowlings, wheelpants, etc. it may still bond permanently to fabric.

    Any ideas?
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    You might consider getting your base color on the plane with paint, and then using vinyl overlay -- the stuff they use to "wrap" cars, trucks and aircraft -- to make your design. You could have a sign shop do the layouts and provide ready-to-install vinyl; if you do much that way, it could get expensive. Or you could search for "sign supplies" to find vendors like; buy whatever vinyl and supplies you need, and cut your own manually.

    If you plan to do a lot of testing, you may want to invest in a simple vinyl cutter plotter, like the ones at You'll need a PC, software to run the cutter, and software for designing; I've used CorelDraw, and have heard that InkScape (open-source) works well, too.

    Application of the vinyl is pretty straightforward, and it's removable.

    Check YouTube for video introductions on vinyl designing, cutting and application.
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