I read that CubCrafters just recieved VFR Night cerification of its TopCub. Being kind of naive about aircraft certification & with limited experience, I have questions:

Part 91.205(c) lists required instruments for VFR night and says "same as for VFR day." Not a big certification hurdle here. Then goes on to require panel lighting, landing light (for hire), position lights and AC lights. I haven't checked, but some of these could even now be offered as options, the rest could be installed on a field approval.

Part 23 doesn't go all that much beyond discussing limit markings. I don't think day/night certification is even mentioned.

My questions are: Could you not take any aircraft certified for VFR day, use the ACS catalogue &/or TCDS (with its list of optional equipment) and make it VFR night legal? Must it be recertified? With a new AW?
If the answer is yes, why even be that specific in the day/night certification to begin with? Equip it appropriately, check off the boxes and go fly. Or have I made a big miscalculation about the FAA cetification process?